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Synopsis's & Scripts available upon request


'A QUIET UNDERSTANDING'  BBC Radio Broadcast Nov 2001. 

Short Story - Comedy/Drama.  

An English lady science teacher retires to Scotland, but her longed for quiet life turns out to be the opposite when she starts distilling an intoxicating liquor that upsets the local publican.

'THE CHOCOLATE BOX'  Radio Play  2000

Comedy/Drama - set in the early nineteen hundreds in a market town in Dorset, England. Two fat ladies become master bakers for the King, a cottage industry that reaches high acclaim, but holds a naughty secret in the recipe! 

Signature Tune & first few lines of dialogue. (Music composed & performed by Jacqueline Waugh) 
Apologies for the bad recording!


'THE PAINS OF WOMEN'  Revue 2000

A Comedy/Drama Spoof TV show depicting the trials and tribulations of women! A compilation of monologues, songs, sketches & poems. Accepted on the London fringe, and showcased at Jermyn Street Theatre in 2004.

 Sample of original Songs. Lyrics & Music by Jacqueline Waugh

Spots, Sweets & Rock'n'Roll

Where Would We Be Without Men!


'CIAO BELLA'  Series (Co-written project with Johanna Reeve-Alexander) 2022
Comedy/Drama - When f
our Brits decide to relocate to Italy for some dolce vita, not everything is sweet when they hook up with an eccentric Italian and an accidental death occurs.

Demo for Signature Tune composed & performed by Jacqueline Waugh

'THE SCENT OF SPICE & ROSES' Three Part TV Drama 2020

An epic three part TV drama set in India and England telling the story of a little Indian orphan who stows himself away on a ship and an English woman who is intent on helping him find his British father. LION meets GOODBYE MISTER TOM.

'THE LIVEABOARDS' Comedy/Drama Series 2023
Six nomadic sailors cast their fates to the wind in search of a blissful life on the French waterways, but not all is ship shape when the con man amongst them gets them into deep water! LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE meets THE MADAM BLANC MYSTERIES.


Demo for Signature Tune composed & performed by Jacqueline Waugh


'DINNER IN MAYFAIR Musical Wartime Drama  2018

A Cinderella love story between an East End potato pealer and a wealthly West End night club owner. Set during the 2nd World War. Inspired by the true and tragic events of London's famous Cafe de Paris during the blitz. Glamour, glitz, heartache and joy are the ingredients of this roller coaster love affair. Incorporating the music of Gershwin, Ellington and Porter plus original character driven songs. MY FAIR LADY meets LA LA LAND

A celebration of the Swing Era and a tribute to one of London's famous wartime band leaders.

Sample Demo's of Original Songs - Composed & Performed by Jacqueline Waugh.

Song - Dinner In Mayfair (Clip) - Jacqueline Waugh
Song - Pie & Mash Song (Clip) - Jacqueline Waugh
Song - Hello Pretty Lady (Clip) - Jacqueline Waugh
Song - This Bloody War (Clip) - Jacqueline Waugh
Song - The Cats Whiskers (Clip) - Jacqueline Waugh
Song - The Land Girls (Clip) - Jacqueline Waugh
Ballet - Dancing In The Woods (Clip) - Jacqueline Waugh


'A LADY SO FINE'  2012

Poem written for the Titanic Memorial Cruise - Published onboard the MS Balmoral, and later exhibited as memorabilia in the Halifax Maritime Museum in Nova Scokia.

'DAVID'S DIARY'  Fiction 2016

A collection of poems depicting life before and after the 2nd World War.

Sample of Poems

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