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Writing Portfolio


'A Quiet Understanding'

Short Story - Comedy/Drama

Set on the northeast coast of Scotland.

BBC Radio Broadcast Nov '01.

'The Chocolate Box'

Comedy/Drama Play - set in the early nineteen hundreds in a market town in Dorset, England. Two fat ladies become master bakers for the King. A cottage industry that reaches high acclaim, but holds a secret in the recipe! Not yet submitted.


'The Pains of Women'

Comedy/Drama Revue.

A spoof TV show depicting the trials and tribulations of women! A compilation of monologues, songs, sketches & poems. Accepted on the London fringe, and showcased at Jermyn Street Theatre in 2004.

Audio Demo Clips:

Song - Spots, Sweets & Rock 'n' Roll - Jacqueline Waugh


'Forbidden Fruits'

Situation Comedy portraying the frustration of a middle aged spinster who cares for her cantankerous mother until her death. It is at this point that her life begins! Freedom to enjoy the fruits of life! Submitted to the BBC in '01 - Encouraging feedback.


'Dinner in Mayfair'

A Musical Play set in New York and London during the 2nd World War. An original story written around the true and tragic events of the Cafe de Paris in London.

An endearing love story that will make your heart sing as well as cry. Original music, also incorporating the music of Gershwin, Ellington and Porter. A toe tapping 'full cast' show. Showcased at the Cafe de Paris, London, March 2016.  

Now re-written as a Musical 'Feature' Screenplay.

Audio Demo Clips: Original Songs.

'A Lady so fine'

Poem written for the Titanic Memorial Cruise - Published onboard the MS Balmoral 2012, and later exhibited as memorabilia in the Halifax Maritime Museum in Nova Scokia.

'David's Diary'

A 'fictional' Illustrated book of poetry, depicting life before and after the 2nd World War. Not yet submitted.   (see sample of poems)

Song - Dinner In Mayfair (Clip) - Jacqueline Waugh
Song - This Bloody War (Clip) - Jacqueline Waugh
Song - Pie & Mash Song (Clip) - Jacqueline Waugh
Song - Hello Pretty Lady (Clip) - Jacqueline Waugh
Song - The Cats Whiskers (Clip) - Jacqueline Waugh
Ballet - Dancing In The Woods (Clip) - Jacqueline Waugh
Song - The Land Girls (Clip) - Jacqueline Waugh
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